Get to know to know the Extroverted Grace!

Hey there! Grace here!

I've always identified myself as an introvert. I hate loud noises, crowds, and if you ask me a question, I usually have to go away, and call you up with the answer after I've finished digesting it. The idea of conferences, trade shows and meetings honestly scares me into hiding under a big thick blanket at times.

I know what you're thinking.... but Grace the blog says you describe yourself as an extrovert (ENFP). Yep. I did. But on the sliding scale of introversion and extroversion, I'm closer to a book-reader than a party-goer. What it does mean, though, is get me on a topic I love and am passionate about and you might just need a roll of masking tape to keep me quite.
(*Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception)

What am I waffling about?

Iā€™m talking about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a 16-type personality profiler developed by Myers-Briggs that identifies your unique personality characteristics:

"ENFPs are fiercely independent, and much more than stability and security, they crave creativity and freedom. Their imagination, empathy and courage are likely to produce incredible results" - NEIRS

I absolutely LOVE the excitement of walking into a home and not seeing it for how it looks today, but what it can become. I tend to bring a contagious energy with me when my imagination is working and as a result, I find new and exciting ways of solving problems ("nuts" is a word that is sometimes thrown my way). I use a lot of my intuition, backed by research to work out what works in a space and what not so much.

Here are some things about me that are just part of who I am:

  • I am very compassionate and empathetic.

  • I always aim over-deliver.

  • I'll go out of my way to try and help someone.

  • Sometime's I'm not the best at words. After all I'm also borderline introvert and need time to think things through in my head. I call it "thinking in pictures" - I then have to find the right words to explain my pictures.

  • I'm always thinking of what else can I do to give you the best service and the best results.

  • I can seem a little "scattered" to the outside observer (I'm not really, I just work differently and process differently)

  • I am hardwired to be more intuitive to emotions (very handy when you are styling a home for sale wouldn't you say?)

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 12.49.01 pm.png

Oh... ENFP's are also referred to as "Golden Retrievers" of the human world.

My guess is that most of the really good property stylists would share similar personality traits. Do you agree?

Grace Fuss