Why Selling Your Home Is A Lot Like Speed Dating

These days, selling your home has become a lot like speed dating. You get less than 3 seconds before a potential buyer moves onto looking at another listing in the same area with the same basic statistics as yours.

With over 90% of buyers heading to online realestate sites first, it is crucial to get the best "profile pic" so your buyers stop, click and have a look at what you have to offer.

So how do you get buyers, who wade through home after home that look exactly the same, to make that all important double-look and book in a date with yours?

With a little bit of magic. And a great stylist.

I often tell my clients, anybody can create wow, what I give is the "fall in love" factor. Buyers "shop with logic, but buy on emotions". After buyers put in their basic requirements (suburb, number of rooms, price range), the listing photos make them set up a first date, but it's up to the overall "feel" of the home that romances them in and creates the sale.

It's those funny, little intangible things that take you from first impressions to setting up a date, to falling in love. The way the accents in the kitchen just seems to tantalise the buyer into feeling like a gourmet chef, or how the living space's curves accentuate laughter and good times. In those precious few seconds, the way a space makes buyers feel determines whether the little faults, flaws or nicks in the tiles matter, or if like soul mates, they just don't seem to matter anymore.

How does your home stack up on it's first impressions?