Why Your Agent Might Not Suggest Property Styling

Despite what you may think, your real estate agent's first priority is not selling your home, it's getting paid.

My First presentation to a Real Estate agency went something like this: I walked in, chest proud because I KNEW I could make these agent's more money and help their credibility increase.


The agents in the room ALL asked the following:

1) How long will it delay my listing for

2) Why would you bother, homes in this area aren't in the millions (of dollars)

3) Why would I need to do that, I've been selling homes for 10,15, 20 years

I walked out feeling a little confused as to why they wouldn’t want to add value to the property.

It didn't hit me until I was back in the car, seething at the way these agents were treating their clients, about what they were really saying. And yes, I’m very biased but the results truly speak for themselves!

Your real estate agent works off commission. They don't get paid until your property sells. So when a house is delayed from going on the market (to do some much needed prep-work) it means their pay cheque takes an extra week or two to start processing. Similarly, when a listing has been on the market for a while (usually greater than two weeks) with no offers, they will suggest a price reduction. It's a tiny drop in commission for them, but at a massive cost to you.

You see, to them, adding an extra $50,000 to the value of a $500,000 home does not increase their commission by much, but it does affect you. And similarly, reducing the price of your home by $20,000 doesn't affect their commission by much, but is sure as hell stings the seller. What agents fail to see is that even though the dollar value might not affect them so much, property styling also reduces the time the listing is on the market (home I have styled have gone under offer before the first open home).

Pre-Sale Property Styling (or Home Staging, as it's also known) is still a fairly new concept in Australia, but growing rapidly in popularity as it shows time and time again, styled homes sell faster, and for more money than homes that were not staged. It's my wish that, just like professional photography is now seen as an essential part of selling your home, so will home staging be.

Grace Fuss